Introduction to EnquireLabs.

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What is EnquireLabs?

EnquireLabs is a survey platform built for Shopify merchants looking to collect valuable information direct-from-consumer (DFCDFC - Direct-From-Consumer) post-purchase. Our number one goal is to provide merchants with the tools and insights to make better decisions with zero-party datazero-party data - Zero party data is data that is given to you by your customers..

Right now, we work mainly with e-commerce brands on Shopify. Our SDK for non-Shopify merchants is rolling out in Q1 and is currently in private beta.

Our end consumer experience looks like this:

Example storeExample store

Example store

How EnquireLabs works

It's important to us that you know what we do on your site and how our application works. Quite simply:

  1. A customer places an order on your Shopify or e-commerce site
  2. As your confirmation page is loading, we check to make sure the customer hasn't already submitted a response and that they follow your set parameters (i.e. are they a new customer?). If both of those requirements are met, we load and display your survey to your customer.
  3. When a user submits a response, we capture the customer and order information that is then displayed in your dashboard and on your response exports.

If you want a more in-depth overview, visit the Under The Hood section.


EnquireLabs integrates with a slew of different 3rd-party applications, from Klaviyo to Recharge. You can view all integrations here. If you have a particular integration request, send them to [email protected] We're actively adding more each month.


The fastest way to get support is to use the chat widget located on the bottom right of your EnquireLabs Shopify app. We try our best to answer all support inquiries as-soon-as-possible at all hours of the day. Our team is based in NYC, so expect the quickest replies during Eastern time working hours.

If you'd prefer to use email, you can email us at [email protected]

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