When our scripts load, we will count it as a view. However, a view will only count 1 per question, which means if a customer keeps going back to the confirmation page via a link in the confirmation email, it will not keeping counting views for the question that is being presented.


The total of responses is located next to the Views box. This number represents the total of all of the responses submitted for the question in the specific date range.


In the "Percent" column, shows the percentage of responses that specific response received out of the total responses received.


The "Volume" column shows the total amount in US dollars related to the specific response. We take the order total of each purchase that corresponds to a specific response, and find the sum in US dollars.


The "AOV" (Average Order Value) column represents the average order total for each response. We take the Volume of the specific response and divided by the number of responses of the specific response.

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