Creating & Editing Questions

With the launch of Question Stream, you can now ask three different question types: single response, multi-response, and open-ended.

Single Response

A single response question forces the customer to make one choice. You can add Response Clarification (2-step) follow-up questions to this question type.

Single Response Question ExampleSingle Response Question Example

Single Response Question Example


A multi-response question allows the customer to submit multiple choices.

Multi-response Question ExampleMulti-response Question Example

Multi-response Question Example


An open-ended response allows the customer to write in their own response. The character limit for open-ended responses is 255.

Open-ended question exampleOpen-ended question example

Open-ended question example

Randomization Of Responses

On both Single Response and Multi-Response question types, you can choose to randomize the list of responses shown to customers. We typically recommend doing so to mitigate any order bias.

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