Enabling Debug Mode

If your survey is appearing, enable debug mode to understand why.

We've created a debug mode so you can view events as your question loads. To enable debug mode, open up your javascript console and type EnquireLabs.toggleDebug() and click enter. The message undefined will appear. Now reload the page to see EnquireLabs events in the console.

EnquireLabs Toggle debugEnquireLabs Toggle debug

EnquireLabs Toggle debug


EnquireLabs Global Variable

If the EnquireLabs Global Variable doesn't appear, it means our script is not loading on your page.

If you've successfully toggled on debug mode and our script is firing, you'll see the below events.

EnquireLabs events in the console.EnquireLabs events in the console.

EnquireLabs events in the console.


If your survey is not loading correctly, you may see the following errors:

Target element for Enquire survey was not found

This simply means that we can not find the location where we need to place the survey.

Order ID not found

This is typically due to a custom integration. Please contact us, and we can look into resolving it.

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