My survey isn't appearing in the preview

If your survey isn't appearing in your preview, it's most likely due to us not being able to locate the order_id on your last order. This is common if you have orders from third parties like Recharge or Amazon, or if your last order was created via a draft – Shopify loads these orders differently and we therefore can't access the order_id for the preview. If your last order is a normal Shopify order and your survey isn't appearing, reach out to us in the chat or read more on debugging your survey in our troubleshooting documentation.

I placed a test order and didn't see the survey

Make sure you're placing an order with a new email, or you have your survey toggle set to "Show to all customers." The number one reason we see for the survey not appearing is a customer accidentally uses their work email and has the survey toggled to "New customers only." If it's still not appearing, you can read more on debugging your survey in our troubleshooting documentation or reach out to us via chat.

My response rate is low

If your response rate is below 40%, it's typically due to pop-ups on your order confirmation page or another 3rd party script that's taking a while to load. If your response rate is less than 5%, then there is a larger issue that we'll be notified about and will investigate. For more information on optimizing your survey view our Optimizing Your Survey documentation.

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