Question Stream

Multi-question functionality is here!

Question Stream is our flagship product, empowering you to ask multiple questions with programmable timing & context. Unlike conventional survey solutions, each question in a Question Stream displays based on logic you control, and persists across the customer’s activity until they fulfill the logic. Put simply, the customer answers when they’re ready, and you improve your customer relationship with more insights with better response rates.

We included the word "stream" in the name, because Question Stream introduces an always-on, real-time data source powered by your customers. The insights are immediately actionable, wherever your tech stack is integrated.

Getting Started

To access Question Stream functionality, send us a message via our chat and we’ll enable it for you. Early beta testers must be on our $60 per month Pro plan to gain access. Once we’ve enabled the feature, you’ll see the Question Stream navigation item along with the following message:

Question stream alertQuestion stream alert

Question stream alert

Your existing survey(s) are copied over to your Question Stream, with your your current live survey published. In the private beta, you can create up to 10 questions in your stream. Once activated, any previous survey results can be found in your Question Stream analytics.


Activating Your Question Stream

You must select "Activate Question Stream" to start collecting responses from your Question Stream questions. Until then, you'll continue to collect responses via your pre-existing survey.

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